Products that you can trust

Anyone who trains frequently does so to look after their body, so we knew it was important that we reflected that in our skincare range also, using only natural, high quality ingredients.


Our Vision

Sportskn is synonymous
with skincare for athletes.

Our Mission

Create a thoughtful range of skincare
products, designed to reflect the high demands expected of individuals who exercise.

About SPORTSKN Founder

Sportskn Founder Jarrad Butler, is best known as a professional Rugby player, born in New Zealand, raised in Australia, and now living in Ireland.

As a professional athlete for over a decade, Jarrad Butler played over 50 games for the ACT Brumbies in Australia, before moving abroad to Connacht in the west of Ireland, where he has played over 100 games, and captained the team for three of his six seasons. At age 31, Sportskn is a new venture that aims to bring his business vision to the Irish Sports Market.

Our Story

For the longest time I felt like brands were quick to put a ‘sports’ logo on their generic products, or would load their products with chemicals that weren’t reflective of the values of someone who works out frequently and wants to look after their body.
When I moved to Ireland, I saw the health and well-being space continuously growing, as people of all ages and genders looked for more ways to improve their quality of life.
With this in mind, I decided to begin researching natural ingredients which had beneficial properties in not just repairing the skin after exercise, but in healing, protecting, and rehydrating the skin also. With the help of Irish skincare professionals, we slowly created our flagship product, the Sportskn Skin Recovery Gel, and from there we haven’t looked back.

Jarrad Butler

Sportskn Founder